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…a 180-degree turn for your product.

We introduce the patented plastic cap ‘Turn a´Ball’, a clean, fun, and innovative choice that brings value and personality to your product. A simple twist to open it, twist it again, and your product will be securely sealed – that’s how easy it is! Valid versions for both solids and liquids.

Innovative and Fun

“Article 57 of Law 7/2022”

The new European law to adapt caps attached to the packaging comes into effect in 2024.

100% compliant with the new regulations. 100% recyclable

Constructible in a variety of plastic types. The ‘Turn a´Ball’ system is adaptable to countless shapes, sizes, and colors. Therefore, it requires close initial collaboration with the client to properly tailor the system to their product

In this video, you can see its simple operation

“Turn a´Ball” consists of only two pieces: a spherical base with a hole in the middle of one side and a ring at the bottom, and a second piece that is a mirror image of the first, serving as a cap that attaches to the base’s ring.”

If you are interested

In case it’s of interest to you, you should consider these 2 points:

1) The ‘Turn a´Ball‘ system is adaptable to a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors; hence, it necessitates close initial collaboration with the client to effectively tailor the system to their product.”

2) The formalization of the design, quantity, and development timeline is crucial to accurately calculate production costs based on your needs. This allows for the reservation of necessary resources for the ‘Turn a´Ball‘ adaptation process to your product, ensuring its uniqueness.”

Who We Are?

We specialize in creating successful and innovative products for international companies, for over 30 years..

It won’t leave
you indifferent.

We know your product is excellent, but our innovative locking system will make you stand out from your competition.

We are confident about it!

Time is of the essence! The new European law requiring the adaptation of caps attached to packaging will come into effect in 2024. Without urgency in development, it's unlikely to be ready for this date when the new law takes effect.

– Don’t wait to reserve your option for ‘Turn a´Ball’.-